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We are the first scoliosis treatment center for children, youth and adults, located in Lodz with the innovative F.E.D. We also offer comprehensive physiotherapeutic services with the use of various therapeutic techniques.

Scoliosis therapy with F.E.D.

Treatment with the FED device in combination with corrective exercises is an effective method of treating single-arch and double-arch scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and spinal pain conditions. It prevents spine deformations at various stages of ossification.

The device is based on a three-dimensional fixation of the correct posture by stabilizing the spine and then exerting an variable pressure forcing favorable corrective changes in the posture and the spine. Pressure on the skeletal system, cartilage and ligaments with a force of 1-100 kg at the peak of the curvature of the spine (scoliosis) causes back rotation and stimulates the spine to correct settings.

Early diagnosis of curvature is very important for the effectiveness of therapy and positive effects of treatment, especially with people with incomplete bone growth. The method used in younger children almost always leads to a 100% cure. The first effects of treatment are visible after a few weeks of therapy. In adults, FED therapy brings analgesic effects that they can see after just a few treatments.

FED Therapy - Treatment of Scoliosis FED Therapy - Treatment of Scoliosis

Before starting FED therapy:

  • it is necessary to take an X-ray of the entire A-P spine (anterior-posterior) and lateral ones in a standing position (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) with the pelvis and hip joints, if possible in one view.
  • it is required to have a referral issued by a specialist doctor for rehabilitation treatments.
  • presentation of the results of medical examinations and other medical documentation in medical records.
  • consultation with the FED physiotherapist is necessary.

Contraindications to FED treatment:

  • discopathy or degenerative processes
  • osteoporosis
  • inflammation of the skin and bones
  • acute rheumatoid arthritis
  • tumors and neoplastic metastases
  • bone tuberculosis
  • pregnancy
  • hypotension
  • some heart diseases

Manual therapies

This is an area of physiotherapy dedicated to the treatment of neuromuscular and skeletal disorders using a variety of manual techniques and therapeutic exercises. We treat discopathies, back pain, spine pain, migraine-like ailments, neuralgia, muscle tension states as well as degenerative or post-traumatic changes in joints and limbs. The base for selecting therapy is the diagnosis of a physiotherapist based on an interview with the patient and the analysis of test results.

In manual therapy we are using methods such as mobilization, manipulation, neuromobilization, massage.

Spine massage Spine massage

Physical therapy

In order to eliminate many ailments, we use non-invasive methods of treatment with the use of devices emitting various media, such as:

Thermal medicine – heating tissues with a sollux lamp to activate healing processes in warm tissues, analgesic effect, treatment of sinuses, treatment of chronic inflammations of the locomotor system, neuralgia.

Magnetic field – has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates wound healing, has an analgesic effect, improves the functioning of joints and inhibits their degenerative processes. Therapy is using in the treatment of spine degeneration, post-traumatic conditions and in the treatment of sciatica.
Contraindications: pregnancy, coronary artery disease, pacemaker, hyperthyroidism, infections, neoplasms.

Ultrasounds - high-frequency acoustic wave therapy has an analgesic effect on the muscles, heals heel spurs, degeneration of the knee and hip joints, sciatica, spinal arthritis, etc.
Contraindications: pregnancy, metal implants in the treatment area, neoplastic diseases.

Laser therapy – precise irradiation of tissues with laser light of appropriate intensity. Indications: back pain syndromes, degenerative joint diseases, chronic neuritis, neuralgia, root pain and many others.
Contraindications: neoplastic conditions or the threat of neoplasms.

Electrotherapy – therapy based on stimulating the muscles with the help of electricity with the use of point electrodes. The purpose of the treatment is to stimulate the muscles to contract.
Contraindications: pregnancy.

Kinesiotaping – is a dynamic taping consisting in sticking to the body in accordance with certain rules of non-stretchy or elastic tapes. Special tapes regulate muscle tension at the application site. In this way, they allow you to reduce pain, hypersensitivity to touch, and at the same time increase the range of motion and muscle strength despite the symptoms.

laser therapy Healing massages Taping Electrotherapy


Single or complex treatment programs treat conditions after torsion injuries, muscular neuralgia, fractures, vertebral displacements and operations on motor organs, and degenerative conditions. They restore the painless movements of the spine and limbs. They are used medicinally in the treatment of muscle atrophy, discopathies, posture defects, cardiological and respiratory diseases.

Skills fit to therapy adjustment reduces pain and improves the quality of life of patients. Systematic treatments and exercises are necessary to achieve good results of the therapy.


Healing massages

The ATP-FED center also offers classic and segmental therapeutic massages. These treatments are aimed at improving the physiological tension, relaxing the tension of muscles and connective tissue. Relieving pain has a stimulating or calming effect on the central nervous system in patients of all ages.

Orthopedic corsets

In terms of treatment by the FED method we offer advice on orthopedic corsets. We cooperate with the company "Zakłady Ortopedyczne im. Wacław Omiotka Warszawa-Anin, Kajki 28", which specializes in the manufacture of corsets for the treatment of Rigo-Cheneau scoliosis.

For more information on our offer in the ATP-FED center of treatment for children, youth and adults, please call: 42 207 72 62 or 795 006 645 and mail:

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