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About us

We are the team of physiotherapists with licensed dealing with the rehabilitation of children and youth and also an adults, especially in the field of scoliosis, curvature of the spine and posture defects.

During the therapy we mainly use F.E.D method. Depending on the stage of the disease, the type of spine disease we use other methods of kinesiotherapy in treatments, which are necessary in the treatment of posture defects.

Our knowlage and professional experience, including the certificate entitling us to the F.E.D therapy, allows us to effectively fight against progressive diseases and posture defects at various stages of their diagnosis.

The F.E.D therapy was created by professor Santos Sastre Fernandez and today is the only alternative to surgery. Our specialists have a certificate entitling them to treatment, obtained from the creator of this method.

We also offer comprehensive physiotherapeutic services with the use of various therapeutic techniques. As part of the treatments, we are using the specialized equipment of the latest generation.

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Information about physiotherapy and more news about our Center

Date: 23.10.2020r.

Dear Customers!

Due to the restrictions about Covid-19 pandemic, in order to continue the rehabilitations of our patients, we must to remind and introduce a few main changes in the functioning of our institution:

  • in order to limit the amount of persons visiting the ATP FED Center, parents, especially grandparents of our patients should stay outside in their own vehicles, unless they came by public transport or it is necessary to use the toilet;
  • we invite patients individually for medical consultations and children with one accompanying person;
  • please take masks, disposable gloves and your own towels for the treatments;
  • we remind you about the obligation to disinfect your hands before the treatment/consultation and after the treatment/consultation (non-contact disinfection stations);
  • patients or their guardians with visible symptoms of any infection (runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat, etc.) are asked to cancel the treatments and stay at home;
  • in case of contact with a person infected with Covid-19 (quarantine, surveillance), please inform us immediately by phone.

ATP FED Center in Lodz operates in the so-called sanitary regime: daily disinfection of apparatuses, devices, ozonation, and disinfection of entire rooms using the most modern means of combating bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, allows the continuity of treatment of our patients without interruptions related to quarantine or other pandemic problems.

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

Date: 29.04.2020r.

Dear Patients!

We inform you that according to the decision of the Government from May 4 this year we resume rehabilitation treatments.

At the same time, bearing in mind the epidemiological situation, we are introducing several safety rules in the functioning of the ATP FED Center. We will provide details individually.

Date: 13.03.2020r.

Dear Patients!

Thinking about the health of patients and staff, due to the danger of coronavirus covid-19.

Initially, from March 14 to March 22 this year, our center will be closed.

Please follow the information on our website or contact us by phone.

Date: 12.12.2018r.


We invite you to individual rehabilitation stays for the treatment of scoliosis using the F.E.D.

A one-time stay lasts 14 days and includes 27 treatment sessions.

The dates of the camps will be agreed at a time convenient for you. We will help to organize an accommodation.

Contact with us.

Date: 18.07.2018r.


Children are especially exposed to spine deformities in time of growing. Rapid uneven growth, incorrect posture, carrying a heavy backpack - can contribute to scoliosis.

We invite you to read the article about scoliosis and FED treatment..

Date: 30.06.2018r.


Thinking about the holiday season, in July and August this year, our center will be open:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 15 to 21
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 9 to 16

We want to inform you that on August 15 2018 - September 2 2018, the ATP-FED Center will be closed - holiday break.

We invite you on September 3, 2018.

We wish you a good time vacation.

Date: 26.05.2018r.


In accordance with the guidelines, from May 25, 2018, we have implemented procedures regarding the EU regulation on the protection of personal data (RODO) at our center.

Date: 23.12.2017r.

We invite you in the new year

Thank you for coming to our ATP-FED Center so many times during the open days. We invite you in the new year.

Date: 15.12.2017r.

Free consultation on FED treatment

We invite you on 21 and 22 December from 15 to 20 for free consultations of the treatment on curvatures and back pain syndromes using the FED method. Please make an appointment by phone.

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